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CSR Program: Networking Academy

Preparing the workforce of the future

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People with skills in information and communication technology (ICT) will thrive in tomorrow’s workforce. ICT know-how is in demand in every country, in almost every field, as the Internet of Everything connects people, process, data, and things. The Cisco Networking Academy prepares workers to succeed in this increasingly connected economy.

What: Building the skills employers demand

Cisco Networking Academy helps 1 million people each year develop the skills they need to excel in a job market driven by networked connections. The curriculum builds technical knowledge while cultivating the communication, problem-solving, and collaboration skills employers demand. 

How: Partnering with schools and businesses to cultivate IT talent

The Cisco Networking Academy delivers a consistent curriculum to students at high schools, community colleges, universities, and other institutions in 170 countries. Partnerships with local businesses help students gain real-world work experience and professional connections that lead to jobs and lifelong careers.

Impact Multiplied

Some graduates pursue successful ICT careers in a wide range of industries. Others harness the entrepreneurial spirit and knowledge they acquired in Networking Academy to start their own businesses and create new jobs.

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