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CSR Program: Networking Academy

How ICT training changes lives and strengthens communities

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The Cisco Networking Academy program offers hands-on ICT training to prepare students for in-demand careers and globally recognized certifications. By developing highly skilled network professionals to support local industries, the Networking Academy program encourages long-term, sustainable economic growth in communities around the world.

What: The world’s largest classroom

Cisco CSR provides free online curricula, teacher training, and professional development for instructors to support 9000 academies operating in 170 countries. The Networking Academy's blended learning model and innovative tools set the standard for technology use in ICT education.

  • 5 million students worldwide have participated in the Networking Academy program.
  • 69% of surveyed students obtained a new or better job, increased responsibilities, or a higher salary.
  • 85% of women in a joint program with the University of Belgrade, Serbia, found employment.
  • 97% of participants in a competitive program for Italian secondary school graduates found work within six months.

How: A public-private partnership

The Cisco Networking Academy offers a consistent, high-quality curriculum everywhere and for all students. Some academies locate in neighborhoods or community centers to provide a career path and financial independence for underserved, disadvantaged, or disabled students.

  • A proven curriculum with engaging online content provides a consistent learning experience.
  • Face-to-face instruction by qualified instructors encourages students to complete their studies.
  • Online assessments offer immediate feedback to students.
  • Hands-on learning activities prepare students to design, build, manage and secure networks.
  • Vibrant social networking sites support a community of students, alumni, and instructors.
  • Many academies match ICT training with soft skills development or other local training.

Impact Multiplied

Some graduates pursue successful ICT careers in a wide range of industries. Others harness the entrepreneurial spirit and knowledge they acquired in Networking Academy to start their own businesses and create new jobs.

  • 129 youth found a career path out of the shelter where they grew up in Brazil.
  • 700 high school students earned Cisco CCNA certification and a spot at university Bulgaria.
  • 80% of inmates who have received NetAcad training have found work after their release in Italy
  • 100 patients broke the cycle of addiction with ICT training and therapy in Mexico.
  • 5 women’s universities open Cisco Academies to expand career options in Saudi Arabia.
  • A woman provides for herself, her family and inspires the next generation in South Africa.
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