Corporate Social Responsibility

Case Study: Passerelles Numériques Cambodia

Changing the cycle of poverty into a cycle of success

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One-third of Cambodia’s residents live on less than $1 a day and more than half are under age 21. Passerelles numériques Cambodia (PNC) and Cisco Networking Academy partner to prepare impoverished youth for technology careers – helping them break the cycle of poverty and raise the standard of living for them and their families. 

The Issue: Impoverished youth lack access to education

Access to education is limited and costly for young people in Cambodia. Many cannot afford school fees beyond basic education. In 2005, PNC, a French non-governmental organization, established a 2-year job training program to provide technology training, soft skills training, and internships that lead to jobs in information and communications technology (ICT) and significantly raise the standard of living for graduates and their families.

  • $62 per month is the average income of students’ families who are accepted into the program.
  • Only 16% of Cambodians who are of college age attend university.
  • School and university infrastructures are inadequate for the population.

The Solution: Free, high-quality technical training

PNC’s laser focus on preparing students for success in ICT led them to Cisco. In 2005, PNC began offering the Cisco Networking Academy curriculum, delivering a high level of technical, hands-on training with the opportunity to compete in national and international Cisco Networking Academy NetRiders competitions and sit for industry-recognized certifications. 

  • 50% of PNC students are female.
  • $149 per month is the average salary of PNC students 3 months after graduation.
  • $300 per month – nearly 5x the national average -- is the average salary of PNC graduates after 3 years.
  • 388 students have graduated from the systems and network administration program, which uses the Networking Academy curriculum, since 2005.
  • 80% of 2013 graduates with NetAcad training found jobs within 3 months of graduation.

Impact Multiplied

Companies recognize the value of the PNC approach to training and seek out their graduates. When Dol Meun began training at PNC, he had never heard of Cisco and barely understood English. Two years later, Dol won both the Cisco CCENT national and the Cisco CCNA national NetRiders competitions. Based on his Cisco training and NetRiders success, Eintellego Networks offered him a position as a network engineer, managing customer networks in Australia and New Zealand. In just 2 years, he became the top networking student in Cambodia and launched his ICT career.  

  • PNC graduates send 30% of their salaries to their families.
  • Graduates donate back to PNC to support training for the next class.
  • In just over 2 years, graduates earn a salary equivalent to the amount invested in their training at PNC.
  • Chhay Try, a 2010 graduate, used his salary to pursue a bachelor’s degree and help his brother start a business. He intends to pay for another brother to attend university.
Technology Training Empowers Youth to Overcome Cycle of Poverty in Cambodia Overcoming Poverty