Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR Partner: One Global Economy

Economic empowerment through community access to technology

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A network connection and a computer can change lives. But for people who have never had basic access to information and communications technology (ICT) they need help to get started. Cisco’s investment in One Global Economy developed a technology and training model that helps millions of people become better prepared to connect with the world.

Who: Connecting the unconnected to the global economy

One Global Economy’s international programs build on the successful model of One Economy, a United States-based nonprofit launched with 13 Cisco Fellows to provide high-speed Internet connectivity and youth technology training services to residents of low-income housing communities.

  • Community Connectors train youth in technology and leadership skills to support and market the technology centers.
  • Beehive web portal s provide hundreds of pages of locally-created, native-language content, tailored to community needs.  
  • Local businesses, community organizations, and nonprofits provide technology access and connectivity using the Community Knowledge Center model.
  • 21 million people in 217 countries and all 50 U.S. states now have better access to information about healthcare, education, career planning, and financial services.

How: Scaling success to millions, one community at a time

Cisco has contributed US$6 million in products and cash grants, along with employee expertise, to develop and scale both One Global Economy and One Economy. Cisco’s support has allowed the organization to create innovative, scalable solutions and programs.

  • 18 million people have used Beehives localized for 16 countries.
  • 300,000 people have used the Mexican Beehive’s Homework Helper since 2010.
  • 750,000 Arabic speakers researched the trimesters of pregnancy from the Jordan Beehive.
  • 106 Community Connector master trainers train youth to become technology ambassadors.
  • 3000+ young people participated in technology and leadership programs by the end of 2013.

Impact Multiplied

Technology has the power to lift people out of poverty by connecting them to economic opportunity. One Global Economy brings technology to the most impoverished and isolated communities to empower men, women and children to improve their quality of life.

  • Access to services scaled from 2 million people in 16 countries in 2011 to over 21 million in 217 countries in 2013.
  • About half a million people in five African countries have accessed locally relevant information through Beehive online portals.
  • Community Connectors are an essential ingredient in the Community Knowledge Center model.

“Cisco has been the one most indispensable and meaningful partners to the work of One Global Economy. They have supplied intellectual, financial, and physical capital to our organization, allowing us to create meaningful and enduring results in countries all over the world." – Rey Ramsey, President & CEO, TechNet; founder and former CEO, One Economy Corporation