Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR Partner: Samasource

Dignified work for impoverished women and youth

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More than 2 billion people across the world live on less than $2 a day, and many of them have never held a formal or stable job. Lacking the chance to make a living wage traps workers in a cycle of poverty. Yet Samasource believes that within this struggling demographic lies a potentially rich and untapped resource: brainpower.

Who: Using the Internet to deliver life-changing skills

Samasource uses the Internet to bring stable, living-wage work to women and youth living in poverty in Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, India, and Haiti. Samasource recruits and trains workers from low-income communities, helps them to gain life-changing work skills and experience, and hires them to provide data entry and content moderation services for paying clients.

  • 6500+ workers who support more than 20,100 dependents have earned nearly $4.7 million through employment with Samasource
  • 92% of workers were unemployed or under-employed before coming to Samasource, and all were earning below a living wage
  • 97% client retention rate
  • 95% accuracy rate on digital projects

How: Technology as a conduit for improving lives

Since 2010, Cisco has provided cash grants and Cisco WebEx technology to help Samasource establish and expand its Internet-enabled outsourcing and workflow programs. With Cisco support, Samasource has:   

  • Piloted and enhanced a custom-built digital work delivery platform called SamaHub, which can be scaled and expanded.
  • Developed an online training and development program to assess and improve worker skills.
  • Developed a mobile phone application called M-Work that facilitates worker scheduling, payment, and feedback.
  • Been able to boost work quality, create faster turnaround times, and track social impact through M-Work.

Impact Multiplied

Samasource was created to provide employment, not aid, to areas in desperate need of economic development. Consistent employment gives workers confidence and skills. An increase in income means workers, and their dependents, have more money for food, healthcare, and education. And, for women, it means improved status and respect within their families and communities.   

  • 114% increase in income for all workers after 6 months at Samasource
  • 61% of workers report an increase in income stability after 5 months
  • 89% of workers get hired in the formal sector or pursue formal education after working at Samasource

“My job is a great support for my family. I can earn while I learn and grow.” -- Reena Prasad, Samasource worker in India