Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR Partner: STEMconnector

Connecting STEM education programs to improve effectiveness

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Thousands of organizations aim to improve education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) in the United States. But many work in isolation or duplicate efforts. STEMconnector was established with Cisco CSR support to increase communication and coordination between STEM providers and effectively prepare more students for the future.

Who: A single resource for what works in STEM education

Launched in 2011 with Cisco support, STEMconnector became the first national effort to identify, inventory, and analyze STEM programs across the United States, particularly those focused on minorities and women.

  • 147 partners have joined the alliance, including corporations, educational institutions, and nonprofits.
  • 5000 STEM organizations catalogued and profiled in the database on
  • 1 million students interested in STEM careers mapped to jobs in all 50 states.

How: Promote successful STEM education models

Since 2011, Cisco cash and product donations have helped STEMconnector fill a vital need and realize explosive growth in all its platforms, products, and collaborations among stakeholders.

  • STEMconnector is recognized as the de facto source for what works and who’s doing the work in STEM education by the U.S. Department of Education, U.S. Department of Defense, Deloitte, KPMG, National 4-H Council, National FFA Organization, and MIND Research Institute.
  • Town Hall conference calls powered by Cisco collaboration technology attract thousands of participants to learn about STEM jobs, workforce planning, diversity, women and girls, and more.
  • Original research such as the landmark study “Where are the STEM students?” connects the dots between student interests and future careers.
  • Breaking news reaches thousands of subscribers through the STEM daily newsfeed and via @STEMconnector on Twitter.
  • STEMconnector is building a network of 1 million women mentors in STEM to connect with 10 million girls and young women in the U.S.

Impact Multiplied

STEMconnector helps stakeholders advance ideas and projects to improve STEM education; share strategies and best practices; and measure return on public investments, outcomes, and results. Cisco’s investment is part of our social investment strategy to improve student performance and engagement particularly in STEM subjects and among underserved communities.