Corporate Social Responsibility

Evaluation Criteria for Silicon Valley Impact Cash Grants

Silicon Valley Impact Cash Grants support the unmet needs of people in communities surrounding Cisco's corporate headquarters in San Jose, California. Before applying, interested nonprofits can determine their organization’s eligibility by reviewing the requirements below and grant giving policies.

Addresses a Significant Social Problem with Unmet Need

The organization addresses a problem that affects a large number of lives within the target area, and which has detrimental effects on the lives of individuals within that community. The significant unmet need requires urgent action.

Serves the Underserved

The target audience of the program includes economically underserved populations relative to the average standards of the target geography. A minimum of 50 percent of the constituency served by the organization must be economically underserved. The higher the percentage of underserved, the higher the likelihood of receiving funding.

Utilizes and Leverages the Internet

Silicon Valley Impact Cash Grants do not require the program to include greater use of the Internet. However, priority is given to organizations that incorporate technology in the delivery and reach of services.

Incorporates Metrics to Measure Program Impact

The program defines and utilizes SMART metrics (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely) in order to help Cisco and the grantee measure progress towards success. The highest priority and funding consideration is given to proposals that clearly articulate the planned impact of their efforts, as well as the metrics by which that impact will be measured.

Possesses Outstanding Leadership

The organization has an outstanding leader and/or management team with qualities such as vision, execution ability, passion, ethical approach, expertise, external relationships, and credible track record in the relevant area.

Aligns with Cisco Goals and Values

The organization meets the basic criteria, guidelines and requirements as defined for Cisco's Silicon Valley Impact Cash Grant program.