Corporate Social Responsibility

Focus Area: Critical Human Needs and Disaster Relief

Multiplying impact by directing essential resources to those in need

Cisco CSR critical human needs efforts leverage our global employee network and technologies to direct more essential resources to those in need. We support programs and partners who deliver the essentials: food, water, shelter, and disaster relief to save lives and restore communities.

CSR Programs

From multiplying the impact of employee donations and volunteer time to connecting the unconnected, our programs improve quality of life in the most dire circumstances.

CSR Partners

Long-term investments and expertise have improved the efficiency and effectiveness of our partners to direct more resources toward those they serve.

  • Feeding America: Reduced delivery costs result in 12 million more meals
  • NetHope: Bringing technology and expertise to humanitarian and development organizations
  • InSTEDD: Improving volunteer response time after disaster strikes.
  • Inveneo: Affordable, sustainable ICT for nonprofits, NGOs and government agencies.

Critical Human Needs Case Studies

Cisco CSR critical human needs programs multiply impact in communities worldwide.

Optimizing resources to feed the hungry Feeding America >
Restoring communications when disaster strikes NetHope >
Millions in donations to end hunger Global Hunger Relief Campaign