Corporate Social Responsibility

2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Accelerating Global Problem Solving

Cisco is harnessing the power of the digital revolution to accelerate global problem solving.

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For the past 20 years, we have applied our technology and expertise to accelerate global problem solving and positively impact people, society, and the planet. We’ve shown how working with our technology partners can open the door to innovation and progress and help grow inclusive, prosperous economies. Read about our priorities, performance, and plans in the 2016 Cisco CSR Report (PDF).

About the Cisco CSR Report

Cisco’s CSR strategy focuses on people, society, and planet, and prioritizes issues most important to our business and stakeholders, and areas where we can make the greatest impact. We use the Cisco CSR Report to communicate our approach, objectives, progress and challenges around these high-level priorities:


Our commitment to People begins with ethical conduct and good governance, and we focus on enabling our employees and problem solvers around the world to make a meaningful difference in their communities.


We utilize our expertise, technology, and partnerships to scale social and economic impact around the world. Read about our human rights initiatives, supply chain efforts, and our work to benefit millions in underserved communities.


We advance environmentally sustainable growth in a connected world. Read about our environmental performance and see how we’re working to build sustainability into every business function and process.

Our annual CSR report reflects our efforts to inspire and connect people, invest in opportunities that accelerate global problem solving, and ultimately empower people everywhere to work toward eradicating poverty, unemployment, climate change, and hunger. We encourage feedback from stakeholders and aim to be open and transparent about our progress, as well as about the challenges we face. Download the 2016 Cisco CSR Report.

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