Corporate Social Responsibility

Application Process for Digital Economy Initiative Grants

Cisco welcomes applications for grants from US Public Universities who want to catalyze, accelerate, and sustain an innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem; to cultivate digital innovators and entrepreneurs -- what we define as global problem solvers -- in order to drive economic growth and inclusive prosperity.

All applications must be completed using our online application form. Cisco will not consider incomplete proposals or paper-based applications.

Digital Economy Initiative grants are funded through a corporate-advised fund that Cisco has established with the Silicon Valley Community Foundation (SVCF).  All related grant agreements are between SVCF and the recipients.

Step 1: Eligibility Quiz

The Eligibility Quiz will help you determine whether your organization and program are aligned with Cisco's mission, strategic approach, and objectives for grant support. Take the Eligibility Quiz.

Step 2: Initial Information Form

Eligible organizations will be invited to register and complete the online Initial Information Form. This form requests detailed information about your organization, the program you expect to fund, and your budget. Your answers will determine whether or not you will be invited to complete a full proposal. Before completing the Initial Information Form, we recommend that you review our eligibility, evaluation criteria, and policies.

Submission of an Initial Information Form does not guarantee that your organization will be invited to submit a full proposal. Initial Information Forms are reviewed wholly within the discretion of Cisco and SVCF. Review may take up to one business quarter (3 months).

Step 3: Full Proposal

If a Cisco grant administrator determines that your organization's program is aligned with Cisco's mission, strategic approach, and objectives for grant support, you will receive an invitation to submit a full proposal with an invitation code to the online application. If further information is needed, you will be contacted by a grant administrator. You can expect to hear from a grant administrator within one business quarter.

A request from Cisco to submit a full proposal application does not constitute a guarantee of funding.

Additional Information

Cisco is not responsible for any proposal related expenses incurred by your organization, at any step in the grant application process. Grant policies and requirements are subject to change without notice, and become effective immediately upon posting to this website. The interpretation of these policies is wholly within the discretion of Cisco, the Cisco Foundation and SVCF. All grants are made at the discretion of SVCF. Qualification under the policies listed on this website does not entitle an organization to receive a grant. We reserve the right to decline to make any grant requested.