Corporate Social Responsibility

Evaluation Criteria for Digital Economy Initiative Grants

To improve the quality of your grant application, we recommend that you carefully review the criteria we use to evaluate grants.

Incorporates Metrics to Measure Program Impact

The program defines and utilizes SMART metrics to help Cisco and the grantee measure progress towards success. The highest priority and funding consideration is given to proposals that clearly articulate the planned impact of their efforts, as well as the metrics by which that impact will be measured.

Democratizes Access

The program or project for which you seek funding should democratize access to resources, programs, opportunities and/or identify replicable/scalable interventions and practices that accelerate inclusive participation in the digital economy.

Promotes or Accelerates Digitization for Economic Growth

The program (or research) focuses on promoting awareness, developing skills, and/or accelerating digitization solutions and innovations that drive economic growth.

Designed to be Replicable, Scalable, and Sustainable

Although Cisco welcomes investing in early-stage programs and solutions, the long-term plan for the program should enable it to flourish significantly beyond the resources provided by Cisco. For research grants, the findings will be broadly relevant and publicly accessible.

Leadership and Capacity

The organization has an outstanding leader and/or management team with qualities such as vision, execution ability, passion, ethical approach, expertise, external relationships, and credible track record in the relevant area. The organization has committed resource capacity to execute the scope of the proposal.