Corporate Social Responsibility

Focus Area: Economic Empowerment

Multiplying impact by investing in human potential

Cisco CSR economic empowerment programs and partnerships connect challenged communities and populations to information and opportunities they need to thrive. Our investments have helped renew hope for refugees and survivors of the AIDS crisis and matched U.S. veterans' talents to jobs.

CSR Programs

By connecting communities and individuals to opportunities, essential information, and relevant training, CSR programs are changing lives.

CSR Partners

Investing in nonprofits and non-governmental organizations with innovative solutions that help people improve their lives.

  • Digital Divide Data: Tech training and careers for unemployed youth in Asia and Africa
  • Grameen Foundation: Microloans and financial services help people reach their potential
  • Inveneo: Affordable technology solutions for hard-to-reach areas
  • One Global Economy: Economic empowerment through community access to technology
  • Samasource: Dignified work and stable wages for women and youth living in poverty

Economic Empowerment Impact Stories

Lives and communities transformed by connecting people to resources and opportunities.

Matching top talent to civilian skills U.S. Veterans Program >
A model for economic development Community Knowledge Centers
Microfinance helps small businesses in Haiti Grameen Foundation >