Corporate Social Responsibility

Focus Area: Access to Education

Multiplying impact by preparing students for high-demand careers

Cisco CSR education programs and partnerships improve access to quality education for students worldwide using the combined power of network technology and human collaboration. From the Cisco Networking Academy to mentoring at-risk inner-city students, we help prepare people of all ages to succeed in a global, technology-driven society.

CSR Programs

Using technology to expand reach, improve outcomes, and increase student engagement.

CSR Partners

Investing in nonprofits and non-governmental organizations with innovative solutions to persistent problems.

Education Impact Stories

Individual lives and communities transformed by better access to education.

  • Brazil: Raising expectations of impoverished youth
  • Bulgaria: A technical education powerhouse
  • Jordan: ICT equalizes opportunity in Jordan
  • Mexico: Determined brothers win NetRidersNew
  • Mexico: Technical training as therapy
  • Rwanda: New opportunity for refugees
  • Saudi Arabia: Hands-on training leads to jobs
  • Saudi Arabia: Women lead in ICT by example
  • Serbia: Women discover their talents
  • South Africa: A different kind of university
  • South Africa: Next-generation leaders connect
  • Turkey: From Silk Road to fiber network
  • United States: A network dedicated to excellence in education
  • United States: Citizen teachers inspire students

Education Case Studies

Cisco CSR education programs multiply impact in communities worldwide.

Creating Opportunities for the Deaf in Kenya Networking Academy >
Robust Networks Help Teachers Transform Education Teach for America >
Learning to love math at any age MIND Research Institute >