Corporate Social Responsibility

Focus Area: Environmental Sustainability

Advancing environmentally sustainable growth in a connected world

In our operations and supply chain, we are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, optimizing our product lifecycle, reducing packaging, and increasing product return rates for refurbishment, reuse, and resale. We help customers achieve more sustainable business outcomes by sharing best practices and investing in transformative solutions.

Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction

Cisco efforts include aggressive targets to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from our operations and suppliers worldwide. In 2016, Cisco announced a new goal to avoid one million metric tonnes of GHG emissions from our supply chain operations by 2020. A few highlights:

Energy Efficient Products

About 90 percent of Cisco product emissions occur during use. That’s why we focus on designing products, power supplies and integrated circuits to be energy efficient, and creating collaborative solutions to help our customers reduce their emissions.

Circular Economy (Product End of Life)

Product end of life is a priority issue for Cisco, as seen in our CSR materiality assessment. We discovered in our efforts to address product end of life that the larger opportunity is the circular economy. With this insight, we are developing initiatives to implement circular economy principles at Cisco.

  • Cisco is working with suppliers, customers, employees, and communities to develop, pilot,and implement circular economy principles. To improve return rates, we have introduced the Send IT Back mobile app to facilitate the return of used gear from our customers.
  • 12–13,000 metric tonne of used Cisco product returned by our customers for reuse or recycling.
  • 10% improvement in total, switch- system, power efficiency from FY10 to FY15.
  • Global Partner of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation (EMF) Circular Economy program since 2011.

Impact Multiplied

Environmentally friendly business practices can reduce business risk, improve reputation, and drive market opportunities. Cisco business policies have reduced our environmental footprint while making a positive impact on our bottom line. By setting high standards for our emissions reductions goals and transparent reporting, Cisco leads by example.

Environment Infographic

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CSR Report: Environment

Download the Cisco CSR Report and read the Environment section.