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Internet of Everything for Social Good

Harnessing connections to benefit humanity

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Connecting the Unconnected: #IoE4socialgood

The Internet of Everything is the intelligent connection of people, processes, data, and things on the network. As each one comes online, the connection possibilities and opportunities grow exponentially. The true impact of the Internet of Everything will be measured not by the number of connections, but by the extent they are harnessed to benefit humanity. 

The following partnerships, programs, and business practices illustrate how the Internet of Everything transforms lives, communities, and the planet.

Young entrepreneurs network a walking stick for the blind

Five Cisco Networking Academy students in France turned a walking stick for the visually impaired into a smart stick that helps users navigate city streets more easily.

Preparing the workforce of the future

Cisco Networking Academy, our largest corporate social responsibility program, brings together people, process, data, and things to train 1 million people worldwide each year in information and communications technology.

Devastated region renewed with technology networks

The Connecting Sichuan program connects patients and devices in remote clinics to physicians and processes in smart hospitals, so distant patients receive more timely care without the cost or burden of travel.

Reducing business energy consumption and costs

Schools and businesses use Cisco EnergyWise to monitor and reduce energy consumption of network-connected devices by switching them off automatically when not in use.

Mobile technology increases transparency in supply chains

A mobile technology platform called Labor Link empowers workers to report workplace conditions and receive tailored information on their mobile devices to improve health, financial literacy, and education.

Mobile phones become entrepreneurial tools

Women entrepreneurs with Living Goods connect villagers to life-saving information when they sell sustainable, affordable products door-to-door and log details via mobile phone.

Harnessing technology to deliver safe, clean water

The nonprofit Water For People reports on water and sanitation projects using text, photos, video, and GPS from mobile phones to generate a more complete picture of clean water access and how to improve it.

Tech training and careers for unemployed youth

Through Digital Divide Data, young people who lack access to education or jobs learn basic computer and English skills to perform Internet-enabled tasks for clients who rely on data for their business processes.

Connect Your Future to the Internet of Everything

The amazing growth and convergence of the Internet of Everything is creating unprecedented opportunities for future job seekers and for social good. Learn more about how you can connect your future to the Internet of Everything – join a free Webinar on August 14.

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