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CSR Partner: Inveneo

Technology solutions change lives in the developing world

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More than 2 billion people living in rural and remote communities lack access to basic information and communications technologies (ICT) and the opportunities they provide. From dusty deserts to mountain-top jungles, Inveneo empowers people and communities with robust technology and innovative partnerships to improve their quality of life.

Who: Connect the poorest people to the world’s resources

Inveneo designs and builds affordable, reliable technology systems suitable for harsh conditions and isolated locations. Working with nonprofits, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and government agencies that provide education, healthcare, economic development, and relief services, Inveneo helps connect the world’s poorest and most isolated communities.

  • 2 million people in 1000 of the world’s poorest communities connected to the Internet.
  • 100 Inveneo Certified ICT partners in 23 countries support and sustain implementations.
  • Solar-powered computer labs, waterproof servers, and long-distance wireless networks are part of the Inveneo ICT solution.
  • A nonprofit in Nigeria experienced a 35% reduction in energy costs with Inveneo ICT.

How: Sustainable, scalable solutions lead to growth

Inveneo was a key Cisco partner in establishing Community Knowledge Centers (CKCs) in sub-Saharan Africa as part of a Clinton Global Initiative commitment.  With support from Cisco, the Inveneo Certified ICT Partner (ICIP) program developed a network of local partners to install and support their ICT systems. Cisco staff members have also provided professional expertise and collaborative problem-solving on a variety of programs and issues.

  • More than 100 CKCs in Africa bring training, information, and resources to 190,000 people using a sustainable infrastructure designed by Inveneo.
  • 40 schools and 12 youth centers in the Palestinian Territories connected to a wireless network by local ISPs with guidance from Inveneo.
  • ICIP program expanded to Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, and Cameroon with Cisco support.
  • Cisco high-definition cameras and WebEx collaboration tools help Inveneo communicate more effectively with partners worldwide.

Impact Multiplied

The Inveneo strategy multiplies the impact of every technology installation by using replicable models and building local capacity. ICT companies certified by Inveneo develop skills, hire more people, and boost the local economy.

  • Using local ICIPs reduces overall project costs for nonprofits by 60%, giving them more resources to expand services.
  • Inveneo helped develop the Cisco CKC “Cookbook,” a how-to guide for NGOs and community organizations in Africa to develop their own CKCs.
  • An ICIP partner in Tanzania leveraged experience with Inveneo into a $50 million project to deploy technology to 900 rural schools.
  • A wireless solution developed by Cisco and Inveneo for CKCs was deployed in Haiti to restore Internet access and connectivity after a massive earthquake in 2010.
  • An alliance anchored by Inveneo is developing affordable, high-speed, high quality broadband access for East Africa through mobile technology.
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