Corporate Social Responsibility

Social Incubators Can Help Change the World

Social Innovation Benchmark to speed the pace of social change

Cisco is partnering with UBI Global, a thought leader in performance analysis of business incubators, to measure the impact of social incubators in the United States. Social incubators play a critical role in supporting entrepreneurs and global problem solvers to drive economic transformation through job creation.

Measuring progress is one way to make sure you are moving to your goals. Each year, Cisco partners with nonprofits, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and community-based organizations to carry out our Corporate Social Responsibility programs. Together, we’re finding ways to empower global problem solvers with the skills they need to thrive and speed the pace of social change in a connected world.

The Social Benchmark 2015 report gives incubators the practical tools they need to measure the social impact of their work. By sharing the outcomes, we all benefit and gain a better understanding of the change we are making. Gain more insights on this topic through our Social Benchmark Report.

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Social Benchmark Report 2015
Empowering Global Problem Solvers Social Innovation
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