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Be Bold for Change
By Tae Yoo, on The Platform
We celebrate the unique role of women in our world, the tools used for social change, and the technology to extend their reach. So be bold, make the imaginable possible.

Cisco's FY16 CSR Report: Empowering Global Problem Solvers
By Tae Yoo, on The Platform
Our 12th Annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report – Accelerating Global Problem Solving – demonstrates how, through our technology and expertise, Cisco empowers global problem solvers to make a positive difference for people, society, and the planet.

Cisco CSR in the News

What to Expect from Cisco in 2017
By Zeus Kerravala, on Network World
One thing that will remain the same at Cisco is the company’s commitment to changing the world. Cisco’s former CEO, John Chambers, had a great desire to have Cisco make the world a better place. As I pointed out earlier this year, Robbins has picked up the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ball and is running with it faster than ever.