Corporate Social Responsibility

Application Process for Product Grant Program

Cisco’s Product Grant Program accepts applications year-round from qualified charitable organizations to help them realize significant gains in productivity, scalability, and cost-efficiency.

Small Grant Application Process

Smaller nonprofits with a request for standard equipment, under US$25,000 list price, are managed by our partners:

Customized Connectivity Grant Process in the U.S.

If you require equipment above the TechSoup limit or equipment that is not offered and you are a U.S-based nonprofit, proceed with online Customized Connectivity Grant Application Process.

Step 1: Eligibility Quiz

The Eligibility Quiz will help you determine whether your organization and program are aligned with Cisco's mission, strategic approach, and objectives for grant support. Take the Eligibility Quiz.

Step 2: Online Application

Eligible organizations will be able to register and complete the online application form. This form requests detailed information about your organization, current and requested technology, network schematics support details, measuring impact, budget, and population served. Before completing the application, we recommend that you draft your answers using our sample application, and review eligibility, program guidelines, investment areas, and policies.

Application Process outside the U.S.

Customized Connectivity Grants are available to non-governmental organizations in many places worldwide. To determine if you are eligible, contact us.