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SMARTnet Support FAQ

Q: How do I get support?
A: Once your SMARTnet contract is activated, you will receive a Welcome Kit via email that includes your new SMARTnet Contract Number, your inventory of products covered including serial numbers, and useful links to information and to open a case with Cisco's Technical Assistance Center (TAC).

Q: How do I open a case?
A: You may open a case online with a valid Cisco Connection Online (CCO) ID and password. Go to the Service Support Center to open a case or to browse the knowledge base of questions and answers. For more information, visit: Training. To register and create a Cisco Connection Online account, go to Registration  

Q: What do I do if I need support and the Welcome Kit has not arrived?
A: Until all of your equipment has shipped and your SMARTnet contract is activated, you are entitled to Warranty Coverage.

Q: What if I don't have my Welcome Kit?
A: Some grantees may have received an email notification of a service extension. If after 4-6 weeks, you have not received a Welcome Kit, or if you lost your information, log in to Cisco Service Contract Center to search for your contract details using your SMARTnet contract number, any serial numbers covered under your contract, or by the Cisco Sales Order Number (SO).

Welcome Kits are sent  to the email address in our grant and contract records. Confirm that your install site address is correct and contact email address is correct. To change the address, follow directions in Cisco Service Contract Center. If you cannot find your contract details, or if your contract was NOT activated, contact the Cisco Product Grant team using our online contact form.  

Q: Can I look up my Cisco SmartNet contract details online?
A: Yes. Our Cisco Service Contract Center site allows end users to view and update their SMARTnet contracts online.

Q: What if the inventory in my Welcome Kit is incorrect?
A: If any details of your contract or site are incorrect, go to the Cisco Service Contract Center to update them. This includes the contact person in your organization that manages these types of service contracts as well as the Install Site address, serial numbers. If you receive an RMA from Cisco to replace hardware, remove the old serial number that you returned and replace it with the new one you received.

Q: What do I do when my SmartNet coverage from Cisco expires?
A: Cisco recommends that you purchase Cisco SMARTnet coverage by contacting a Cisco Reseller of SMARTnet service for a quote. To find a reseller in your area, use the Partner Locator Tool.

Q: What if I no longer use the equipment and therefore do not need to renew SmartNet?
A: When you received your donation from Cisco you signed a receipt acknowledgment form and agreed to return equipment that is no longer used. To return your equipment, go to Take Back and Recycle

"Furthermore, organizations receiving product grants are not allowed to sell, exchange, or otherwise dispose of the donated property (or any portion thereof). Equipment that is no longer of use by the organization will be returned to Cisco Systems through the Environmental Stewardship Programs."

Q: Our organization has other Cisco equipment. Can I add these serial numbers to my existing Cisco SMARTnet support contract?
A: We can only donate SMARTnet in conjunction with an eligible product grant. End-users are responsible for obtaining their own Cisco support agreements for any other Cisco equipment they own.