Corporate Social Responsibility


We believe technology is good not just for business or socializing--we believe it is also a powerful way to improve lives and build thriving communities. This is why we use the same technology, expertise, and partners to help our customers as we use in our social investments.

Our commitment to society extends from our employees, who give money and volunteer hours, to major corporate and Cisco Foundation-led programs and nonprofit engagements around the world. 

In Kenya, hearing-impaired people are isolated and shunned. But a partnership between Cisco Networking Academy and DeafAid is helping young hearing-impaired people learn valuable job skills, improve their standing in society, and increase their economic opportunities.

Social Investment Focus Areas

We focus our social investments in education, healthcare, economic empowerment, and critical human needs. Leveraging public-private partnerships, as well as investments of technology, expertise, and cash, we multiply impact and help communities worldwide thrive.

Investing for the Long Term

The goal of our social investments is to promote innovation, independence and long-term progress. We work hard to build programs and support organizations that thrive well beyond our investment--ones that put skills, confidence, and power into the hands of the people we work with. 

This is why we look for opportunities to give cash, expertise, and technology in ways that help people extend their own abilities. We believe this multiplies the success of the communities and organizations we work with far beyond what we have invested. 


2013 CSR Report: Society

Download the 2013 CSR Report and read the Society section.

Interactive Global Impact Map

Global Impact Map

Explore the impact of our CSR investments throughout the world related to education, healthcare, the environment, critical human needs and much more. Explore map

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