Corporate Social Responsibility

Focus Area: Supply Chain

Multiplying impact by setting high standards for suppliers

At Cisco, we rely on more than 600 suppliers worldwide to manufacture, test, ship, and recycle products designed by Cisco. We multiply our positive impact on people, communities, and the planet by requiring suppliers to meet the high business standards that we practice every day.

Embedded Supply Chain Sustainability

Cisco is committed to sustainable and responsible business practices with regard to ethics, labor, health and safety, diversity, and the environment. Sustainability represents as much as 8 percent of the total score on our business scorecard for suppliers, and they are required or encourage to:

Supplier Engagement

We work closely with suppliers to communicate our requirements, monitor compliance, improve performance, and build capacity. Cisco engages suppliers in the following ways:

Industry Partnerships

Cisco participates in global consortiums to address some of the most pressing supply chain management challenges. These forums enable Cisco to exchange ideas and pool resources with industry peers, share best practices, and influence the development of industry standards.

Reducing Environmental Impact

Helping suppliers reduce their impact contributes to our goals.

  • Trade-in, takeback, and recycle programs helps customers dispose of end-of-life products or upgrade to new equipment.
  • Our packaging uses as little material as possible to be easily separable and recyclable.
  • We promote e-delivery of products to reduce paper, CDs, packaging, and GHG emissions from transport.

Supply Chain Case Studies and Impact Stories

Our commitment to society and the environment extends to our 600+ global suppliers

2014 CSR Report: Supply Chain

Read the Supply Chain section in the 2014 Cisco CSR Report (PDF).