Corporate Social Responsibility

Support for Nonprofits

Cisco cash and product grant programs

Cisco and the Cisco Foundation provide cash, products, and people to support organizations with scalable, replicable, and sustainable solutions that use Internet and network technology to benefit individuals and communities around the world. Cisco social investments reduce hunger, increase access to education and technology, empower people living in poverty to get jobs and start their own businesses, and restore critical services for disaster victims.

Technology Grants

The Cisco Product Grant Program accepts applications year-round from qualified charitable organizations for Cisco networking technology and equipment.

  • TechSoup manages Cisco product grants to smaller organizations for up to $25,000 per request.
  • Customized Connectivity Grants support larger organizations with significant equipment requests or requests for specialized equipment not available through TechSoup.

Cash Grants

Cisco makes significant investments in cash and expertise to community partners with an innovative approach to a significant social problem in one of our investment areas.

  • Global Impact Cash Grants are designed to multiply the impact of eligible organizations around the globe with national or multinational operations.
  • Silicon Valley Impact Cash Grants support eligible organizations in underserved  communities surrounding Cisco's corporate headquarters in San Jose, California.
  • Digital Economy Initiative provides several grant options for U.S. public universities to facilitate and accelerate social impact and drive economic growth through research, curriculum development, entrepreneurship programs, digitization challenges and/or early stage innovation.

Investment Areas

Cisco focuses our social investments in areas where our cash, technology and people can make the biggest impact--education, economic empowerment, and critical human needs.

Grant Giving Policies

Each grant program has specific eligibility requirements. In addition, Cisco grantees must meet the requirements listed in Grant Giving Policies.

SMART Metrics for Nonprofits

The highest priority is given to proposals that clearly articulate the planned impact of their efforts, utilizing SMART metrics to measure impact.

CSR Community Partners

To better understand the scope of our programs and our commitment, review our current list of community partners.