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Do you have what it takes to compete for a career in Information and Communications Technology (ICT)? Cisco takes ICT skills development seriously. Get inspired by these articles and links about partners and programs to help the next generation succeed in ICT careers.

Latest Articles

IT Career Pathways

Discover the latest job trends and how Cisco Networking Academy courses map to them.

Write a Great Resume or CV

10 tips to make your resume or curriculum vitae (CV) rise to the top of the list.       

Ace Your IT Interview

Learn how to sell yourself to a potential employer by preparing for your interview, practicing your delivery, and making the most of your moment.

5 Tips for Women Starting a Social Purpose Business

Heather Franzese, co-founder and executive director of Good World Solutions, shares tips from her experience launching a social enterprise that uses...

Working at the NBA All-Star Game is a Slam Dunk for Students

Thirty Cisco Networking Academy students had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to gain hands-on experience and showcase their technical knowledge in front...

Why we need a new model of education

Technology is a fact of life that affects everything from the way K-12 students digest information to the way they socialize, presenting a number of...

Changing lives, one networking course at a time

Empowered with the right skills, today’s global problem solvers are creating better lives for themselves and for others by using technology to speed the...

Teacher prepares high-school students for STEM and cybersecurity careers

Missouri high-school teacher Lisa Oyler uses CyberPatriot, a competitive, team-based contest, to inspire her students and build on the knowledge...

Brothers connect military training to IT education

Army veterans and brothers Warren and David Neal are on a mission to build on their military experience with Cisco Networking Academy courses and to...

A new day for the next generation of tech leaders in Canada

With Cisco support, NPower tackles youth unemployment in Toronto with a 15-week technology training program that includes professional development...

Challenging the next generation of STEM professionals

At Cisco’s inaugural Social Innovation Challenge, 50 high school students worked together in small groups to create and pitch ways to use technology...

Preparing Texas students today for the STEM jobs of tomorrow

Nearly 60 10th graders from the Plano Independent School District STEM Academy came to Cisco’s Richardson, Texas, campus today to gain...

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