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Do you have what it takes to compete for a career in Information and Communications Technology (ICT)? Cisco takes ICT skills development seriously. Get inspired by these articles and links about partners and programs to help the next generation succeed in ICT careers.

Latest Articles

IX Reasons STEM Needs Title IX: Lessons From Center Court


In the same way Title IX completely changed the landscape for girls in sports -- it's time for a full-court press on Girls in STEM -- science, technology...

Cybersecurity competitions gives high schoolers a career head-start


Students who participate in the annual CyberPatriot National Youth Cyber Education Program develop valuable job skills in problem solving, teamwork...

Five ways to perfect your soft skills


Most candidates focus on their technical skills and experience when applying for a new job or developing their career – but neglect soft skills at your peril.

Ten skills the workforce of the future will need


If you want to remain (or become) valuably employed, it might be worth imagining what being valuably employed will mean in several decades.

3 Ways to Build Students’ Analog Skills In The Era of The Emoticon


Tech use is pervasive, especially among young people who never had to find an (alphabetically correct!) encyclopedia to answer a question. According to a...

How to be a smarter job seeker


When looking for a job you often need to come up with more creative and smarter ways to stand out from the competition. So what is it that some job...

Do you have everything the internet of everything demands?


As more people, process, data, and things connect online, more and more people are needed to manage those connections. Watch free recordings of...

Roadtrip Nation -3 Ways to Prep Future Generations for Careers


Priming the next generation for success in a shape-shifting, male-dominated sector presents a number of challenges. So here are some strategies to help tech lovers...

Three Ways for You To State Competitive In The New Economy


At Samasource, a company I founded in 2008, we train people living in poverty from Kenya to California to develop and market 21st century digital skills to adapt to new...

10 skills the workforce of the future will need


I find myself averse to writing predictions of the future as most predictions fail. Take a few minutes to peruse some older covers of magazines...

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