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The Future of the Digital Economy

Digital convergence continues to create new opportunities by making smarter connections between people, processes, data, and things. The estimated $19 trillion global opportunity with digitization is happening at a rapid pace.

We are committed to helping organizations and students gain the skills to thrive in the new digital economy with programs and professional expertise in the following vertical markets:

Targeted Industries for Digitization

Public Sector Manufacturing Retail Trade
Finance Insurance Healthcare Educational Services

Professional Expertise

IoT Field Technician

Bring connectivity to things as diverse as factory-floor machinery, roadways, and consumer electrical grids to help usher in an era of safer and more efficient technology solutions for smart cities. IoT Field Technicians are responsible for installing, connecting, maintaining, and troubleshooting critical components of customers' digital solutions; including sensor nodes, wearables, devices, gateways, convergent networks, controllers, and applications.

IoT Data Developer

Assemble data fabrics and data pipelines to unleash the power of IoT Big Data where it makes the most difference. IoT Data Developers play a key role in creating the data processing pipeline from the edge to multiple Clouds. Data transformation and analysis, distributed processing, and data accumulation and storage. IoT Data Developers are responsible for implementing algorithms for data mining and machine learning, applying statistics and math, and creating code scripts on Big Data infrastructure. They work collaboratively with the Digital Business Data Analyst to ensure the achievement of business outcomes.

Digital Business Data Analyst

Help bring the power of Big Data to provide business insights. Digital Business Data Analysts play a key role in transforming enormous quantities of data collected on things, people, and processes into smarter, more informed decisions at every level of vital industries. They enable the collaboration between people, data, and business processes. Data Business Analysts are responsible for data management, data integrity, data visualization, and business intelligence.

IoT Security Technician

Secure the end-to-end solutions that will play a critical role in digital transformation as 50 billion devices connect to the Internet by 2020. Digitization represents incredible opportunities for progress, but also brings a significant increase in security challenges. IoT Security Technicians will help design and implement secure end-to-end solutions, which involves application security, device hardening, physical security, network security, and many aspects of cybersecurity. Connectivity with security in emerging cyberphysical systems is emerging as a critical factor in realizing the potential of the IoT and Big Data.

Graduates of this innovative pilot will possess the expertise to ensure their ability to collaborate and rapidly adapt to changing environments. As this innovative pilot grows with our partners, we will continue to learn and evolve the program to meet industry needs.