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Prepare to Be a Global Problem Solver

The rapid pace of change is creating a dynamic environment for the future. To thrive both personally and professionally, you'll need to know about new kinds of technology and understand how to innovate. You will learn problem-solving skills which prepare you to collaborate with others to solve challenges we face with global issues.

With this knowledge and skillset you're better prepared for employment, have advanced technical expertise for digitization, and have the ability to create positive change for our society. The education-to-employment program will teach you a wide range of business and technology skills with real-world industry project experience, so you can thrive in the digital economy.

Speed the Pace of Social Change with IoE Expertise

  • Use technology to improve health and address emergency situations.
  • Build the foundation for digital inclusion and socioeconomic empowerment.
  • Expand access to electricity; improve the environment and climate-change resilience.
  • Optimize resources and improve health-related processes.

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